Coins in the ANTON app

ANTON is one of the most popular learning apps for students in grades 1-10. Class. At first glance, the gamification aspect of acquiring coins ("coins") may seem strange to adults - but it noticeably multiplies the motivation, not only of my children. It even saves a small "cushion" of coins that you do n't touch.

The built-in games include recreated classics like Asteroids and Arkanoid, as well as new ones like the well-loved and fairly difficult City Jumper with a great soundtrack. At the beginning of last year, the ANTON app made the rounds in the media due to a security gap, and even today numerous functions are not really programmed securely.

If you want to take a closer look at a game and you need coins quickly without working through the umpteenth beginner's task of the 1st class (you don't get any coins for exercises that you do again!), you log on to on the PC , opens the developer tools (CTRL+Shift+I in Chrome or Firefox) and runs the following JS code in the console to add any number of coins to his account:


Since the ANTON Plus packages (premium packages with more functions) do not explicitly advertise getting more coins, there is no real damage here either. The next homework I recommend to interested readers (even better: students) is to crack the (similarly poorly secured) high-score lists (tip: affect the event messages in the active WebSocket connection).

Irrespective of this, you finally have enough coins to practice City Jumper extensively: