Adobe Animate APNG Export

The browser support for animated PNG files is now so good that animations created with Animate CC can be easily exported to APNG and then incorporated into a website in a simple <img> tag. This is a simple and good quality alternative to the publishing method in Animate CC, which generates JavaScript. The steps that you have to take are described below.

First you export the * .fla file in individual PNGs. To do this, go to Export> Export Video / Media ... in Animate CC and select the following settings:

If you need transparency, activate the option Ignore stage color (create alpha channel) and select PNG Sequence with Alpha (Match Source) instead of PNG Sequence (Match Source) . Now we can combine the PNGs with the help of apngasm. To do this, we first install the latest version:


Finally, we put the individual files together:


The speed and the number of repetitions of the animation can be controlled using the delay and loops parameters. To export an animation backwards, we also execute the following command before the merge, which stores the files in reverse order: