Spell check on websites

Automated spelling and grammar checking is now standard equipment in word processing programs - but checking the spelling of a website automatically has been relatively cumbersome up to now. Google Chrome is taking a first step in this direction with an integrated check in multi-line input fields (textarea). Now there is a service that makes this possible for entire websites.

The Duden-Web-Proof service checks websites at the push of a button without the installation of additional software - all you have to do is enter the URL. After the check, the user receives a detailed check report with correction suggestions for grammar and spelling, which can be viewed interactively directly on the website.

However, the offer is not free of charge: the basic price is 5.89€ (incl. VAT) for up to five pages. private users can still test the service free of charge: one URL per day is possible. the service stores only the master domain internally and obviously differentiates only according to this feature. so it is quite possible to have your entire website tested free of charge via short URL services such as bit.ly and Konsorten.