Artificial intelligence - does it already exist?

Anyone who looks around at the technical innovations of the last two years will find words like smart technologies or artificial intelligence (AI) again and again. But on closer inspection, we see that most devices are still far from artificial intelligence. Smart home systems such as those from Amazon or Google are particularly often associated with AI.

But here, too, it seems to be nil. Individual functions are carried out by speech. It is based on complex programming, but it doesn't have much to do with this artificial intelligence. The question arises as to whether they really already exist in private use and, if so, to what extent.

KI - where is she now

First of all, it must be clearly stated that AI in the private sector seems to be only very much a poor relation. In the military sector it is already quite different. There, artificial intelligence is even used to propose entire training courses in order to avoid over- but also underchallenge. Entire weapon systems are equipped with AI, just like other tactical systems. Digitalized divisions with digital command posts are planned.

what is already common practice in the military sector is only found in a few sub-areas in the civilian sector so far. robotics and autonomous vehicles have to be mentioned here. a basic problem with AI is that the definition as such is missing. this would allow manufacturers to simply label their technical products with artificial intelligence in many cases. even automation can be considered AI.

However, applications such as Google Translator, which also uses AI, show that it has long since arrived in our everyday lives, although the results are still not really convincing.

Autonomous driving only possible by AI

The best example is of course autonomous driving, which would not be possible without AI. It should also be mentioned here that there is no fixed definition and that AI technology in driving is still at the very beginning. But artificial intelligence is not only found in autonomous driving, we can already find it in a wide variety of assistants. Whether with the emergency braking function, automatic parking or adaptive cruise control.

Of course, this is not the artificial intelligence we know from films or books, but the development has not yet reached that point.

AI in online trade

The first approaches in online trading can be seen particularly clearly. Simply building a shop and doing some SEO hardly works anymore. All major providers are already making extensive use of AI. But that also requires a lot of resources. The first approaches include chat and service bots, for example. Initial beginnings can also be clearly seen in the customer experience in the casino . However, there will be learning systems in practically every value chain in the near future. This is how AI will influence the price system, purchasing and production. In the near future, robots could advise us in business. Difficult to imagine. But 30 years ago we couldn't imagine an Alexa either.

Not only in online retail, but also in brick-and-mortar stores, AI will in future ensure that routine work can be automated and thus also receive data on future developments. AI will influence our lives in all areas in the future.